Hello, and welcome to my blog on Lacquer and Lashes! My name is Loren and I am an addict.

I am addicted to nail polish. My current stash definitely has over 330 polishes, but I have a feeling that the number is now closer to 350. (Hell, it may be almost 400, but denial is wonderful place to live… I am the mayor)

I haven’t always been this crazy for nail polish. There was a time when my entire collection fit in only a third of a helmer drawer. I have proof!

That was before… before I saw the light! Now my stash looks more like:

Just an FYI it has only been about 2 years since I started my collection. So doing some basic math…

I started with 15 polishes and I now have 350

That is an increase of 335 polishes in 2 years, OR

167 polishes every year, OR

3.22 new polishes every week, OR

A new polish every 2.18 days

So maybe I have a fever, and the only cure is MORE NAIL POLISH!

Anyways, the time came where I needed to do something about my addiction. I already dragged Lauren into it, and it was time to put my collection to use. So we thought of a blog. I will be focusing on nail polish (or lacquer), and Lauren will be focusing on mascara and eye make-up (or lashes). See what we did there? Yea, we try to be clever like that.

Hopefully I can try to entertain you through my posts as well as provide some useful information. If there are any items you want me to review, feel free to contact me!