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Here is a little bit of information about me. I have loved mermaids since the first time I saw The Little Mermaid in 1989. Oh, how much I wanted to be like Ariel (even though I can’t swim, and am terrified of seagulls; but those are just details…). My love for mermaids is also apparent in my nail polish collection. When Zoya – Charla came out, and people were saying it looked “mermaid-esque”, I ran out and bought it; I was at Sally’s and saw Nina Ultra Pro – Mermaid, even though I didn’t like the colour, I bought it; and obviously when OPI – Mermaid’s Tears came out, I totally bought it. So when I heard that Deborah Lippmann was coming out with Mermaid’s Dream I knew I would be buying it, it was just icing on the cake when I saw just how beautiful it was.

On to the swatches!

This is three coats, with OPI Top Coat and Seche Vite on top.

This angle shows some of the grittiness of the polish.

There were some surprises when I was applying this polish. Firstly, when I first saw photos of this polish, I totally thought it was a foil with glitter. It wasn’t until I applied the first coat that I realized how wrong I was. This was ALL GLITTER.

This is one coat, and you can see that it is micro glitter with larger glitter

After three coats, this polish is completely opaque

This polish is quite gritty, and it inhales top coat. I tried using OPI Top Coat and Seche Vite, but then I realized I should have used a coat (or two) or Gelous or OPI – I Juggle…Men. So I tried that out on a nail wheel, just to see if it would make a difference.

Left: I Juggle…Men; Right: Gelous

OPI – I Juggle…Men is a very fine glitter top coat that works great to level out chunky glitter nail polishes, while not adding noticeable glitter to your mani. I only used one coat of either I Juggle…Men or Gelous followed by one coat of Seche Vite; and there was a definite improvement using I Juggle…Men (which made me wish I had used that when doing my actual mani)

At the end of the day, this polish is absolutely gorgeous, and I love it. I would love this regardless of its name, but with a name like Mermaid’s Dream I love it even more!