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Happy Monday!

I have a confession.  Not only do I love nail polish, I love collecting old and discontinued polish.  Today’s review is one of the jems in my discontinued hall of fame.  Don’t Wine…Yukon Do It! was from the 2004 Canadian collection.  I have about 50% of that collection completed so far and I’m on a hunt for the rest of them.

It is important to note that this polish has the old OPI formula as well as the brush is not the current ProWide Brush.

Indoors 3 coats plus top coat w/flash

The colour was really hard to capture.  It kept going more red and less fuchsia.  The second bottle picture is a more accurate representation of the colour on the nails.   What I love about this polish is the pink and blue shimmer that you can see when the light hits it a certain way.

That’s what I love about the older forumlas.  They apply like a dream and a lot of the times have a hidden surprise like holo, duochrome, coloured shimmer etc.

However the old OPI formula does have certain chemicals in it (formaldehyde, toluene and DBP) that today’s OPI formula does not.  Many of the other major polish companies have changed their formula to remove these chemicals as well.  This is called Big 3 Free/B3F (or some cases 4 or 5 depending on how many chemicals are gone).

What do you think?  How important is it for your nail polish to be Big 3/4/5 Free?