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I would love to have a really clever opening for this blog post, but I am so distracted by how pretty this nail polish is. So, straight to the swatches!

indoor lighting – no flash

indoor direct lighting

bottle pic (wow! look at that holo!)


We actually had some awesome weather in Toronto last week so I was able to grab some outdoor pics. You may notice I only have 3 fingers in the outdoor pic. That’s because this polish chipped on my index finger in about a day. Disappointing, but I still love the colour.

Lacquer Look-a-Likes: Ludurana Aurora Boreal Notavel vs. Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

I cannot take credit for identifying this Lacquer Look-a-Like. This was totally Lauren’s catch, and it was pretty close when you look at the bottles. It really could have gone either way. It wasn’t until I did some swatches that I was able to figure out if they were dupes or not. Here is the evidence:

Left: Glitter Gal – 10 to Midnight  Right: Ludurana Aurora Boreal – Notavel

 Top: Ludurana Aurora Boreal – Notavel  Bottom: Glitter Gal – 10 to Midnight

While both polishes have noticeable holo (no hidden holo here!), Notavel is more visible. Also, 10 to Midnight is also a few shades darker. Still part of the grey family, but a bit closer to black.

Are these Lacquer Look-a-Likes? Nope. Close, but no cigar here. Both are gorgeous, and close in price, so whichever you pick, you have a winner!