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Wow, this polish has made me work through a multitude of emotions.

  • Excitement – Wow! Look how pretty this neon purple is!
  • Joy – OMG! Is that a hidden glitter??
  • Surprise – Oooh, this dries fast! NICE!
  • Confusion – HEY! Where did the neon go? Why is this drying so dark?
  • Hope – Maybe top coat will bring the neon back?
  • Disappointment – Nope, the neon is gone forever
  • Hope (Round 2) – Maybe a black Konad will help bring the purple out?
  • Anger – WTF? The black Konad made this look even darker!!
  • Acceptance – Meh, I got pretty nails…

I’m not gonna lie, when I got to my anger stage, I almost looked like this:

But I didn’t because I do my mani’s on top of my helmer, so I really didn’t want to deal with the subsequent clean up!

Anyways, let me show you just what happened.

No Top Coat

With Top Coat

As you can see, there is NO neon what so ever!! I just don’t understand how China Glaze feels comfortable having the word “Neon” on the label, when you can clearly see there is no neon what so ever.

So, I slapped on some Konad on top (Because I had imagined a neon purple with black zebra stripe mani)

See how different the colour is in the bottle? It was a drastic change on the nail.

Oh, well… I have accepted this mani, since I still have pretty nails now!