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I mentioned in an earlier post about how I planned on comparing Deborah Lippmann – Happy Birthday to similar polishes such as OPI – Rainbow Connection, Milani – Gems, and Wet n Wild – Party of Five Glitters.

Funny story, I started to compile all the swatches for this post, when I realized I totally forgot to include OPI – Rainbow Connection! I think it’s a sign; I have WAY too many multi colour/multi sized glitters.

Anyways, on to the swatches, all of the swatches below are 3 coats, with no top coat. The photos were taken indoors, with no flash.

From top to bottom: Deborah Lippmann – Happy Birthday; OPI – Rainbow Connection; Milani – Gems; Wet n Wild – Party of Five Glitters

Deborah Lippmann – Happy Birthday

OPI – Rainbow Connection

Milani – Gems

Wet n Wild – Party of Five Glitters

The first three polishes are VERY similar. I mean, to the point where they are near dupes. In fact, I believe they are Lacquer Look-a-Likes. There may be some small variances between the three, in terms of the types of glitter, I think they are negligible.

The only true difference I noticed was the fact that some of the polishes were denser than others. I found Happy Birthday to be most sparse, while Gems was the most dense; Rainbow Connection fell somewhere in the middle. That being said, this difference can be eliminated by using more or less coats, depending on the polish.

What about Party of Five Glitters? This one was really close to the other three; but it wasn’t as much of a dupe as the others. That being said, if you are looking for a low cost, easily accessible multi colour glitter polish, I would suggest her cousin Party of Five Glitters. But, if your heart is set on Happy Birthday, maybe think about her more budget friendly sisters.