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Today’s post is a very special post. Not only is it a special request from one of our followers on Twitter; this specific polish is a very special polish for me.

OPI – Mad As A Hatter is probably my favourite polish in my collection. Not only is it absolutely BEAUTIFUL, but the polish represents different things for me, such as; the beginning of my love affair for nail polish, a futile search across Orlando, and most importantly, the love of my best friends. 🙂

The Beginning of My Love Affair for Nail Polish

I joined MakeupAlley over 8 years ago, mainly for the product reviews. About 3 years ago, while getting board on the internet, I was on MakeupAlley and came across the nail board. I started going through the posts, seeing picture after picture of beautiful manicures, and I was inspired.

Then the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection came out. My favourite colour is blue, so the second I saw Absolutely Alice I knew I needed it. I changed my daily walk to and from the train station to my office, so that I passed a Trade Secret each way, and I was able to see when the collection came in. The second I found it, I bought Absolutely Alice, and the mini set of all four polishes in the collection. That’s when I got Mad As A Hatter

By the time I got around to trying Mad As A Hatter, it was too late. I immediately fell in love with the polish, and by that time, it was sold out everywhere. I told my best friends Lauren and Kate, and whenever we went shopping, I would stop at every store that sold OPI to see if they still had a bottle of it kicking around. Nothing worked, and I really didn’t want to pay the inflated ebay prices. All hope was lost, until we booked our vacation in Disney World…

A Futile Search Across Orlando

Again, I heard on the Nail Board, the since I was part of a collection for a Disney film, there was a chance that some of the various stores in Disney World may still have the collection there.

We went into almost every store, I was desperately searching for both Mad As A Hatter, and an Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) coffee mug. I came close… I would find the display… but every time Mad As A Hatter was missing. I ended up leaving Disney World with two extra pieces of luggage packed full of souvineers, but no Mad As A Hatter, and no Ariel coffee mug… I gave up hope.

The Love of My Best Friends

Christmas and my birthday rolled around, and Kate asked me what I want for my birthday. I was joking around, and I said, “OPI – Mad As A Hatter, and an Ariel coffee mug, but if manage to pull that off, you would be Jesus.” Imagine my surprise when I opened my birthday present, and Kate had managed to get me a custom made Ariel mug, and hidden inside a bottle of Mad As A Hatter. I was shocked! Yet, imagine my surprise when I opened my gift from Lauren and her (then) fiancé and there was a SECOND bottle of Mad As A Hatter. I couldn’t believe it. I went from having one sad little mini bottle that I was desperately trying to save, to having 2 full sized bottles! I was very spoiled that birthday.

Anyways, after a super long post, here are the pics. I LOVE THIS POLISH!!

OPI – Mad as A Hatter: Outdoors, flash

OPI – Mad as A Hatter: Outdoors, no flash

OPI – Mad as A Hatter: Outdoors, no flash

OPI – Mad as A Hatter: Outdoors, no flash, close up