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Saturday, I had a very special occasion to attend. It was my baby brother’s engagement party, so I wanted to make sure I had a very special mani to match.

I tried something a little different. Instead of layering Pirouette My Whistle on top of Don’t Touch My Tutu!, I decided to create a jelly sandwich. It ended up being:

Nail Tek Foundation II base coat, 1 coat
OPI – Don’t Touch My Tutu!, 2 coats
OPI – Pirouette My Whistle, 1 coat
OPI – Don’t Touch My Tutu!, 1 more coat
OPI – Top Coat, 1 coat
Seche Vite Top Coat, 1 coat

I think it ended up being a successful mani, especially according to my 5 year old cousin. We had a very involved conversation about my nail polish. It went something like this:

Cousin: “Your nails are pretty”
Me: “Thank you!”
Cousin: “The glitter is pretty”
Me: “I know, right?”
Cousin: “What are the big things?”
Me: “That is just bigger pieces of glitter”
Cousin: “Wow”
*** 5 minutes pass***
Cousin: “Your nails are pretty”
*** and the conversation started all over again***

Hopefully you all like my mani as much as my cousin did. 🙂

Both photos are indoors (right by a window), with no flash