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Butter London’s No More Waity, Katie (NMWK from here on in) was one of the first higher end nail polishes that I purchased.  The name of the polish is in reference to the nickname that Kate got in the British media for being with William for such a long time with no proposal.  I did get caught up in the excitement last year that surrounded the Royal Wedding and wore it on their wedding day.  I should have been on top of things and posted this on Sunday which was the one year anniversary.  I totally forgot until my sister Kate reminded me that a review should have been done.  So here it is.

There are not many days that I can remember what nail polish I was wearing.  I change my nail polish pretty frequently so unless it was a memorable day for me there is not really much chance of remembering.   At this point I know what I was wearing on my wedding day, my honeymoon and April 29th, 2011.

As I was planning my own wedding last year I was kind of into weddings and got up really early before work to see what her dress looked like.  I was also especially concerned with what nail polish she would wear on the day of.  I secretly hoped that Kate (err, Catherine) would wear NMWK on her wedding day.  I should have known that she would not wear that colour but it was still fun to hope.

She ended up going with a custom made polish that contained multiple different polishes.  In the nail polish world we call this a franken, like Frankenstein 🙂 .   All the information that I could get on it was that it contained Bourjois Rose Lounge 28, Essie Allure and some other colours.  It was created to match her skin tone to create a sort of nude nail or “your nails but better” look.

But enough of the history lesson and on to the polish.

I went to apply NMWK on Sunday night and I was having huge issues.  It was really gooey and hard to work with.  I didn’t remember it being this difficult when I wore it last year and I was worried that it was done for.  However polish doesn’t really go bad, unlike other makeup, it just experiences changes in formula since it is loaded with chemicals.  I had just recently purchased some nail polish thinner, in an attempt to fix another colour I found at a dusty, and I wanted to try it out.  I was a little nervous about ruining it by making it too thin.  So I just added a few drops at a time and shook it up until it was back to a better consistency.

3 coats of Butter London NMWK indoors w/o flash:

3 coats of Butter London NMWK indoors w/flash

This is a really difficult polish to clean up; to be honest most glitters are.  I didn’t do a horrible job of applying it but when I went to clean up the acetone it didn’t make a difference.  It was like the glitter just started expanding.  I think I found one of the glitter pieces on my husband’s face later that evening. 🙂  So sorry about the glitter everywhere in the pictures.  Other than that I really like the nail polish.  I think it is a nice colour even though it was a little difficult to apply.  Butter London calls this a greige with lilac glitter, but I feel like the base is purple too and I don’t see any beige anywhere.

This use to be a limited edition polish but as of their Fall 2011 collection it has been made permanent.

What do you think?  Did you buy into the hype of the wedding last year?