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This polish has a special spot in my heart, and collection. So special I bought it twice! Not because I went through an entire bottle, but because before I learned what nail polish thinner was, I saw how goopy my old bottle got and I THREW IT AWAY! When I look back, I think “Why?!?! I know better now!”. Now, whenever I get a polish that is too thick, I just drop a few drops of thinner (I use the Sally’s store brand) in and shake it up.

Another reason this polish is special for me, is because, if my memory serves me right, this was the first OPI polish I ever bought. I am of Italian heritage, and when I saw the polish, I thought it was pretty, but when I saw the name, I fell in love! It was quite the love affair… lol

I haven’t worn this polish in quite some time, so when I was applying it, I was apprehensive after the first coat. It looked really streaky and patchy. Same thing was happening when I applied the second coat, but after a decently thick third coat, it looked perfect.

Indoors, no flash

Indoors, no flash

Indoors, flash

This polish from far away looks like a creme finish, but under further examination it has a beautiful pearl-esque finish. It really makes this polish special. For all these reasons, I truly feel like this is a classic pink, and is a Lacquer Legend