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Today is the third polish from China Glaze’s Summer Neon Collection that Lauren managed to purchase for us. According to China Glaze, Beach Cruise-r is a “glimmering fuchsia grape”.

This polish, like the other two Lauren and I have tried, seems to glow from within. That being said, Beach Cruise-r is not nearly as bright as I’m With the Lifeguard.

The following pictures were taken indoors (since it is rainy and gloomy today), with no flash. I had to manually adjust the colour for the photo as my camera could not pick up the shade of purple this polish is.

This polish is beautiful, and a nice change from the rest of the super brights within this collection. This polish is nowhere near dark, but compared to the rest of the collection, it would be considered “darker”. Without top coat it dries with a satin finish. Also, the glimmer the China Glaze mentions in their description of the polish, is very muted, but pretty.

This may sound odd, but this collection is awesome for people who talk with their hands. Funny story, Lauren and I (we are both Italian) were wearing polishes from the Summer Neon Collection on Saturday, and as we were talking, all I could do was stare at our hands!

If you find this polish, it is definitely something to pick up, as it is beautiful for the summer.