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Happy Friday!  Any plans for the weekend?  I have a little bit of running around to do tonight and tomorrow and I’m looking forward to spending time with my mom and family on Sunday.

Today I have a review of Vodka & Caviar from the Russian Collection which was released for Fall of 2007.  I actually own the entire collection, all 12 colours, and it’s the only collection (so far) that I own completely! (Edit: This is a total lie.  There are some collections that I own the full collection but they are much smaller, like maybe 4 polishes in a collection. This would be the first large collection I own completely).  I received the bulk of them in my Christmas stocking last year from my awesome husband.  Overall this is a great collection with some stunning colours.  I would say 50% of the colours in this collection have moved to core status.  Which brings me to my post.

I was on Makeup Alley a few weeks ago and there was some chatter regarding OPI discontinuing some pretty popular polishes; a quick search of their website tells me that they did in fact discontinued Vodka & Caviar and Siberian Nights, which both happen to be from the Russian collection.  There was also talk of OPI discontinuing I’m Not Really A Waitress which I reviewed here but I was still able to find it using the search tool on OPI.com so I think it’s safe for now.

Anyways onto the swatches!

4 coats of Vodka & Caviar indoors w/flash:

This is a gorgeous red jelly; even with 4 coats there was still a little bit of visible nail line.  I’m so happy to have this in my collection.  This is just a plain straight up red with no shimmer or glitter and I think that it is a great addition to any collection!  I’m pretty sad that they will be discontinuing it and I would highly recommend picking this up if you haven’t already and sooner rather than later.

What do you think? Are you sad that they will be discontinuing this colour?