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Recently my mom was cleaning out her washroom and came across a big bucket of old nail polish, so she invited me to pick out whatever I wanted. As i started digging through, I started day dreaming all the wonderful polishes that could be in this bucket. Clarins 230? Maybe some China Glaze OMG holos? OPI Rainforest? I got so excited!! Then, I came back to reality and realized I was just digging through a stash of pinks, reds and sheers. The only polish I found that really stood out for me was Sally Hansen Chrome Turquoise Aqua-Marine; mainly because memories of high school came rushing back.

Lauren and I were lucky enough to have the same spare period in Grade 12, and on the days where we had to come back to the school to go to a student council meeting, first we would go to Shopper’s Drug Mart for snacks. I remember picking up other colours from the Chrome collection thinking they were SO COOL! There was only one problem. Grade 12 Loren could not apply nail polish if her life depended on it; and the polishes in this collection magnify any application issues you may have.

What was supposed to be a gorgeous futuristic super shiny polish turned into a brush-strokey disaster. Which was NOT the look I was going for. Thankfully, my skills have improved.

indoors, flash

indoor, no flash

indoors, no flash

This polish is really pretty, and I am much happier with my skills now. Grade 12 Loren would be proud.