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Happy Monday! I wanted to see if I had any dupes in my collection to compare to the recently released Don’t Touch My Tutu! from the OPI NYC Ballet Collection.  For this comparison I pulled out Essie Marshmallow and Essie Walk Down the Aisle.  Let’s see how they stack up to Don’t Touch My Tutu!.

From Index to Pinky – OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu!, Essie Marshmallow, OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu!, Essie Walk Down The Aisle

4 coats each indoors with flash:

4 coats each indoors w/o flash:

Essie Marshmallow is very difficult to work with, at least my bottle was.  It was streaky and only evened out after 4 coats.  It was much more white than the OPI so I’m not calling it a dupe.  Walk Down the Aisle was closer and it probably could get the same look in 3 coats that OPI is giving in 4.  While Walk Down the Aisle is not part of Essie’s core collection I was able to find it on a few e-tailers for a reasonable price.  I personally like the brush and formula of OPI better but I think that in a pinch Walk Down the Aisle gives a very similar look so I’m calling them a dupe.

What do you think? Do you mind having multiple of the same colours in your collection.