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I have been so busy lately that my nails have been naked. I don’t like it. So as I was preparing to write this post, I had to go into some pics of older manis I have done.

I purchased Kat Von D – No Regrets on impluse when I was at Sephora a few months ago. I also bought an eye pallette, that if I ever get some time, I plan on using and taking some pics of. Maybe in the next couple weeks.

Anyways, this polish was gorgeous. I mean, look at this bottle pic!

Anyways, I had high hopes for this polish, and it was really pretty:

indoors, flash

indoors, flash

As I was admiring my mani, I had a creeping suspiscion…

Lacquer Look-a-Likes

This polish looked familiar, so I pulled out OPI – Be a Dahlia Won’t You and some swatch sticks

left Kat Von D, right OPI

These polishes are perfect dupes in my opinion. Both are gorgeous hot pink foils, but if you already have the OPI, don’t waste your money on the Kat Von D, especially since the polish is $7.00USD (down from $12USD!!) for only 0.25oz.