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For years, I have seen mani’s on the MakeupAlley nail board that were by the brand Essence. Being a Canadian, I have been reserved to the fact that the only way I was getting my hands on this polish would be if I took a trip across the border.

Then suddenly, I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart, and what do I see?? An Essence display! The first time I saw one, it was practically stripped bare. So, I patiently waited a couple weeks for it to be restocked. Once there were more than 5 polishes in stock, I was able to pick up a few colours.

Some of the first polishes I bought were Space Queen and Sweet as Candy.

left – Space Queen
right – Sweet as Candy

Sweet as Candy looked a bit sheerish and jellyish, so I wanted to try a jelly sandwich with these two. The glitter in Space Queen is a bit weak, so this jelly sandwich is a bit understated, but still professional looking

indoors, no flash

I really like the way the mani turned out, and I was really impressed with the quality of the polishes. They applied wonderfully. The bottles are tiny (only 5mL), BUT they are only $1.49. Considering how large my stash is, I don’t mind buying smaller bottles, since I will probably never get through them all anyways! 🙂 The brushes are still full size, which is nice.

According to the bottle labels, these polishes are quick dry. I didn’t test this first hand, because I threw on a coat of Seche Vite right away; but I did notice that as I applied a second coat, the first coat already started to feel a bit tacky.