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When I first started collecting polish, my collection fell into the following shades: Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Black. It took a while before i got my hands on some green polishes. While my collection still prodomenantly falls into the pink, blue and purple categories, I do have some representation across the entire rainbow.

Some of the first green polishes I was drawn to were shades of mint. I find it to be such a pretty pastel colour. So much so, I now have 6 different mint polishes I will be comparing.

no flash, indoors

This comparison picture is missing Hello Kitty – Minty, but I will talk about that later. As you can see, while all 5 of the above colours are similar-ish nothing can be called a Lacquer Look-a-Like.

China Glaze – Re-fresh Mint

indoors, flash

This one is the lightest of the bunch, almost chalky, but very beautiful

Sally Hansen – Green Tea

indoors, flash

This polish is part of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure collection. A bit dustier than Re-fresh Mint, but there is a visible difference.

Essie – Turquoise & Caicos

indoors, flash

Turquoise & Caicos is very different from the rest. It is not dusty at all, and actually kind of bright, considering it is part of the pastel family.

Essence – You Belong to Me

indoors, flash

You Belong to Me is like Turquoise & Caicos, because it is also very bright (for a pastel); but it has more of a blue undertone (in real life).

OPI – Mermaid’s Tears

indoors, flash

This polish is the dustiest of the bunch (and also my favourite). Just a gorgeous colour, and a bit darker as well.

Hello Kitty – Minty vs. China Glaze – Re-fresh Mint

Top – Minty
Bottom – Re-fresh Mint

Minty, indoors, no flash

As you can see, Minty and Re-fresh Mint are the closest to being Lacquer Look-a-Likes. Minty has a slightly bluer undertone, but it is not easily noticable.