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Happy weekend!  I’m away with my husband now but I wanted to share with you a nail polish that is very special to me.  Ever since Loren got engaged I am back in wedding planning mode.  While I’ve only been out of it for about 6 months it’s much more fun now since it isn’t me signing the cheques (sorry Lor!).

Anyways as you might imagine it was difficult for me to decide on a nail polish colour that I wanted to wear on my wedding day.  I always knew I wanted something a little more flashy than the traditional sheer pink or white.  After much debate I decided to go with a red glitter and for me the only option was Ruby Pumps.

I don’t often get a chance to get manicure but I wanted to make sure that I got one for the wedding.  As a bride your hands tend to be photographed and I wanted to make sure they looked really great.  I can’t tell you how much of the mani/pedi time I spent trying to convince the nail tech that it was okay and really wanted to use the bright red bottle of glitter nail polish on my hands.

Went something like this:  “Yes I’m getting married tomorrow.” (gasp)  “Yes I’m 100% sure I want red on my nails.” (gasp) “Yes I’m sure I want blue glitter nail polish on my toes” (DOUBLE Gasp!) They probably thought I was some tramp with my colour choices or something. 🙂

3 coats of China Glaze Ruby Pumps:

There is not much to say about this polish that has not been said already.  Personally I’m really happy that I went with such a dramatic (for a wedding) yet classic colour.  Every time I have put it on since my wedding it makes me super happy and reminds me of that day which by far was the happiest day of my life.