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Happy 4th of July to all of our American readers.  I hope you are enjoying your day off today.  The China Glaze OMG Collection came out in late 2008 (I believe) and the nail polish I’m showing you today is called DV8.

I am relatively new to the concept of dusty hunting.  For those of you that don’t know to dusty hunt simply means you go to a nail salon and see if you can purchase the nail polishes that they use on customers.  Why would anyone do this you ask?  Well sometimes you can score an older, harder to find polish for very cheap; much cheaper than if you tried to find it on ebay or the like.  A quick search on ebay brings nothing up for this polish and I picked this up at a dusty the last time I was in Buffalo for $5.

Whenever I go to Buffalo I make sure I head over to a salon that has 3 full racks of OPIs and I have managed to score some pretty serious polishes; SRO (Silver), Opening Night Gold, Man of La Mancha, Coral Reef, etc.  I call it OPI heaven.  The last time I was there I got up the courage to ask if I could buy any of their used polishes and I scored Rent and Mamma Mia for $5 each.  So after I left there I was full of confidence and asked my husband to stop at a salon and I went in and picked up China Glaze DV8.

Without further ado 2 coats of China Glaze DV8 with no top coat (pictures were taken outdoors in full sun):

This is suppose to be a beautiful teal holo and it isn’t.  I feel like the polish has been tampered with.  You have to click on my pictures to see some type of holo.  Even when I look at other people’s pictures online I don’t see much of a holo but it does look better than this.  That is the one downside to dusty hunting; you could run into a salon that could tamper with their polishes.  But that is the luck of the draw I guess.

Ever tried to dusty hunt?  Were you successful?  What hidden gems did you find?