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On Friday, when Lauren and I went shopping, I picked up more than just nails inc. baker street. When we hit up our favourite nail supply stores, my eyes were immediately drawn to China Glaze Optical Illusion; because in the bottle, it is an optical illusion!! There was a beautiful duochrome with a teal base, and a purple flash.

Saddly, this did not effect was not as evident on the nail. As per Lauren’s recommendation, I decided to layer 1 coat of Optical Illusion, over 1 coat of American Apparel Hassid.

(Note: As I was applying Hassid, I realized I forgot just how amazing a super black creme mani can look, so classic and modern all at the same time. Part of me was sad to cover it with glitter.)

What I imagined I would get was a sheer covering of glitter, with a duochrome shimmer on top of the black, but I still imagined I would see the black quite clearly. In fact, in my head I started to think “Oooh, I can apply extra layers to just the tip to get a glitter gradient”. That did not happen. This polish is DENSE with glitter. One coat, and you can barely see the black underneath, and I didn’t even apply it that heavy handed.

 indoors, no flash

indoors, flash

I would have loved to see what this looks like outside in the sunlight… but there isn’t any here. Regardless, this mani is still very pretty in my opinion, just not what I envisioned it to be.