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I have been wanting to try a caviar mani for a while. After seeing pictures all over the Sephora website, I thought this would be something that could be very interesting, and I could accomplish for cheaper by using my crafty ways.

So I went to Michael’s and bought micro beads, which can be found in the scrapbooking section:

The beads I bought are “Clear”, but they have a very pretty irridencent sheen to them, so I thought perhaps a light purple underneath would bring out the irridecense.

I started by applying one coat of OPI – Planks a Lot, to each of my nails. I then applied a second thick coat on one nail, and immediately dunked the nail into the beads. I shook off the excess, then tried to press down, and mold the beads into the shape of my nail. I followed this procedure for every nail, then applied a thick coat of Gelous and then a coat of Seche Vite.


indoors, flash

indoors, no flash

I cannot describe how much I hated this mani! I felt like the top coats totaly ate any of the sheen of the beads, and made the mani look horrible. I think i am going to try this again with another colour as a base, perhaps a white, or a glitter. I am not sure yet.

What this mani did was open my eyes to the option of adding scrapbooking suplies to your everyday mani. Even Sephora has jumped on the bandwagon!

Will I try this mani again? Sure! But maybe just an accent nail this time.