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Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little quiet lately.  There have been a couple of reasons for that.  First I’m gearing up to go away next Sunday and I have been trying to get things organized to go away.  Second is that I’ve felt a little uninspired when it comes to my nails.  Truth be told they have been unpolished for about a week now and it’s mainly been because I’m just not feeling anything in my collection.

So what better to break myself out of a polish funk then with another beautiful polish from Enchanted Polish, Across the Universe.

2 coats of Enchanted Polish – Across The Universe w/o top coat:

Look at that baby glow!  I’m not sure what I love more about this polish, the holo or the duochrome colour changes.  It was easy to apply and had an average dry time.  Of the indies that I have purchased (Enchanted Polish and a-England) they have been great formulas.  I’m going to order more Enchanted Polish for sure.  Probably after I finish this post!  Check them out on Llarowe and on Harlow & Co.

It is a little more of an expensive polish at 15mL for $15 but I think it is a interesting polish and well worth the price tag.  I picked up Across the Universe from Llarowe but it can also be found on Harlow & Co.

Have you ever felt like me? Lots in your polish collection but nothing to wear?