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I have blogged before about my need to paint my nails on the go, but I think I may have hit a new level this weekend. Just a warning, this post is a bit long 😀

Tomorrow is my fiancés birthday, so this weekend, I wanted to make him a birthday cake, since I knew we would be seeing some friends on Saturday night. I baked the cake Friday night, and spent all of Saturday morning decorating the cake.

You may be asking, “Loren, what does this have to do with nail polish?”

Well! On Saturday, my fiancé and I were going wedding band shopping, and when he showed up to pick me up, I was covered in icing sugar, and hadn’t even showered yet. Poor time management on my part. Regardless, I rushed to get ready, and as I was getting dressed, I noticed my German-icure mani was totally chipped. I couldn’t go ring shopping with chipped polish!! So I removed it all, threw on a quick drying base coat, and headed out the door.

As we were driving, I mentioned to my fiancé that I wasn’t wearing polish, and he looked at me in SHOCK! He knows how important nail polish means to me, and couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing any. So, I explained to him that in my opinion, no mani is better than a chipped mani (especially with a vampy fall colour), and I mentioned that if there was a Shopper’s near by, I could buy a polish and give myself a quick mani. He looked relieved, and said there was a Shopper’s near by, and we could stop there. It was so cute.

Anyways, fast forward about 45 minutes, and he and I are standing outside Shopper’s as I quickly apply two coats of Revlon – Sheer Cotton in the rain. Let me tell you, this may have been the worst mani I have done in a very long time. It was streaky, I ruined two nails, and the raindrops created so many bubbles, it was horrible… but it got the job done. AND I found my wedding band! 😀

So, Sunday morning, I redid my mani to see how this polished looked in better conditions. FINALLY, on to the pictures!

all photos taken indoors, with no flash

This polish is a classic white-pink. Very pretty, very classic. I needed 3 coats, but there is still some visible nail line. I noticed that this polish did bubble on my, but my top coat hid most of that, so it wasn’t too bad.

A beautiful colour, and wonderfully office appropriate.