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Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was lovely and you were able to relax for even a little bit.

I don’t typically do NOTD because I usually wear things in order to review them and many times I sit down for a huge swatch session and then paint my nails another colour at the very end that never gets to be photographed.  Today however it is a little different.  Today is my 1 year wedding anniversary and while he doesn’t really care so much about what my nail polish is, I asked my husband yesterday if he would like to weigh in on what I should wear today.  In case you missed it, I already reviewed what I wore on my wedding day.  It was China Glaze Ruby Pumps and I didn’t think it was necessary to show you AGAIN even though it’s a really great colour.

Back to the nail polish.  So the feedback yesterday evening from my husband was “some type of red holo.”  I thought for a moment and took out two different polishes, DS Ruby and HITS Hefesto.  HITS Hefesto is kind of like a holographic top coat and I wanted to enhance DS Ruby since the holographic effect isn’t very strong.

2 coats of DS Ruby + 1 coat of HITS Hefesto:


outdoors, shade

outdoors, full sunlight

DS Ruby was released in 2006 as part of the Designer Series Collection.  I think I would say that this is a cross between red and pink.  Other than some Glitter Gal polishes I haven’t really seen any red holographic polishes.  Also without the top coat DS Ruby doesn’t have a very strong holo.  It did apply very well and was opaque within 1 coat.  I used 2 for the pictures just in case however I would have gone with 1 if it weren’t for the photos.

While DS Ruby has been discontiuned (and too expensive on eBay if you ask me) you can find HITS Hefesto on Llarowe (which is where I bought mine).

What do you think? Ever let anyone else “suggest” what nail polish you should wear?


p.s. Sorry for the lack of posting.  I’ve been really busy starting a class last week but I will get more organized and keep up the posting. 🙂