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Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far!

Today’s question of the week is about about work appropriate nails/beauty.

When I use to work a Starbucks as a barista (almost 5 years ago now) I was not allowed to have any nail polish on while I was at work.  As much as I didn’t like that I think it made sense since it is the food industry.  I sure as hell don’t want any nail polish flaking off into my half-caf venti soy mocha latte.  <—And NO that is not what I drink but I felt like being pretentious. 🙂

Anyways after leaving Starbucks I got my first (and current) big girl job in an office in the city.  It’s by no means the most conservative office nor is it the most laid back.  I think it’s somewhere around the middle.  We wear jeans only on Fridays and the males don’t walk around in suits all of the time.  I don’t feel restricted at all about what kind of nail polish I wear while at work.

However I do have customer visits about twice a month.  That is where I would either not wear nail polish or wear a more conservative nail polish.

So finally my question…Do you have any rules about if you can or cannot wear nail polish to work?  If so, do you break them or push the envelope so you can still express your personal style?