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Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far!

Today I have a new feature on the blog, Sunday Link Love! I will take some time on Sundays to let you know what blogs I read and why I like them. For our inaugural edition I will be featuring three blogs that are focused more on the science or information around beauty and nail products.

Lab Muffin – This blog is written by Michelle who is a PhD student from Sydney, Australia.  This blog features nail polish and nail art but does go into major geeky science mode and discusses things like the difference between AHAs and BHAs, exfoliation basics and the safety or concern of gel nails.  She made me go on a massive hunt for rose hip oil (which is super hard to find in Canada) and add AHAs and BHAs into my skin care regiment.  Michelle also posts on the mother of all swatch blogs, Polish or Perish.

Beauty and the Bullshit – This is a fantastic blog.  Written by a former beauty insider from a major cosmetic company located in Europe, Rowena provides us with the inside scoop of why she discontinued your favourite lipstick, beauty industry myths and why cosmetic companies want us to buy MORE mascara.  This has really made me think about what cosmetic companies are selling to us not only in the products but the marketing behind it.

loodie loodie loodie – This blog is written by another scientist and while she has great nails and pictures her main focus is on nail care.  Loodie (x3) discusses why you should moisturizer ALL THE TIME, nail hardeners and treatments, how to properly file and how to repair your broken nail with Shellac.  She also taught me how to make a cheap replacement to Zoya Remove + that saves me a ton of money and doesn’t dry my cuticules out when I’m swatching.

You should check them all out!