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Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence.  Finally getting back into the swing of things.  I’m mostly unpacked and now back to work.

Today I have a review of Clinque Airbrush Concealer.  I discovered this concealer when I was watching a couple of Lisa Eldridge‘s videos.  Let’s take a look at it shall we.

Clinique - Airbrush Concealer Clinique - Airbrush Concealer Clinique - Airbrush Concealer

I’m a big fan of this product.  It really does brighten up my under-eye circles with are genetic and have nothing to do with how much sleep I get.  I also love the applicator.  I just click up once and apply the product under my eye.  Sometimes if I don’t need a whole lot of coverage I can use one click for both eyes.  There is also a lot of product in the tube as well; I have used mine 6-7 times a week since August 2012 and I still have product left.  I find you only need a little bit to make a difference.

I only use this under my eyes and around my nose if it looks a little dark.  This is not really a good concealer to use for blemishes as it is too sheer coverage-wise.

When I went to Las Vegas in August I picked some up since I could not find it in Canada however since then I have seen it in Sephora in Canada.  I’m a big fan of this and will re-purchase.

What do you think? Do you use a different concealer for your under eyes and blemishes?