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Have you heard about the new innovation in curling irons?  Where the hair goes in and it curls your hair for you?  You mean no more curling iron face burns??  No more curling your hair the wrong way? (curling out opens your face)  No more uneven curls??  

I have curly hair yet for some reason I have three (3) different types of curling irons.  And I think I might want to add another one to my collection…

Nail Polish Canada reached out to me to share some exciting news/giveaway about the new BaByliss Miracurl (get it).  Open to Canada/US residents Nail Polish Canada is giving away 3 to those who provide the most “compelling” reason.


There are at least a couple of ladies I know (*cough* my sister *cough*) that could use one of these!  So what are you waiting for?  Enter now…

It’s a Christmas Miracurl! – NailPolishCanada.com is giving away 3 Babyliss Miracurl’s ($600 value)

 Every holiday season millions experience a sense of sadness at the flatness in their life. In an effort to cope some find themselves straining important relationships.

 “I know my husband loves me, but another day where I’m running late trying to curl my hair in a mad dash is just a fight waiting to happen”  – Katie B

 Could people go without curled hair? They could, but experts agree such a lack of regard and care is sure to result in a coal filled stocking.

  Today Nail Polish Canada has announced their plans to take a stand and solve this important issue with the Babyliss Miracurl. In just seconds the Miracurl literally sucks your hair right in, curls it, then beeps letting you know it’s done.  

 In order to raise awareness Nail Polish Canada is giving away 3 Babyliss Miracurls, to whoever can convince us they are the most “in need” of one.

“This will impact people’s lives. Together we can make a Christmas Miracurl”  – Nikki Smith, VP Glitter *This is our favorite pun ever and we’ve been using it around the office for weeks

 Simply describe why you or a loved one is in need of a Christmas Miracurl at:http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/products/miracurl-by-babyliss.html

 In the spirit of a true Christmas Miracurl the winners will be announced Christmas Day!

 Notes about nominations: Feel free to stretch the truth a bit and most importantly have fun.